Monday, December 31, 2012

A Cousin!

  I have some random pictures from the end of December I wanted to post.
We had dinner at the Lohner's house and they have a fish tank that Kaiden loves.  He thought it was pretty crazy that Grayson was in the fish tank!

Kaiden has turned into our little helper.  He has figured out that he can push the chair to anywhere in the kitchen to climb up and reach stuff.  But he is always wanting to help us with anything and everything we do these days.  At least he likes to cook :)

We tried Grayson in the jumper for the first time and he still isn't too sure about it.

All day long this is what Grayson does, watches Kaiden play.

And he enjoys playing with his new toys he got for Christmas too.

He even likes his new high chair but not usually unless you are feeding him.

Jen and Chris had their baby on December 31, 2012.  They named her Paisley Ann.  She was born at 11:29 pm and was 7 lbs 19 inches.  We were so excited because now our boys finally have their first cousin!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve & Christmas

Christmas Eve we had our traditional dinner at my grandma Carter's house and then our little program with songs, stories, and our little skit.  Kaiden was being a bum and wouldn't dress up, he never has liked dressing up for some reason, Halloween was definitely a challenge.  But we had tons of food and it was a fun night. 

 Since Kaiden wouldn't dress up, we made Grayson the star and he was a cute one.

 I think David is the sheep on the ground right here ;)

 The Liggetts did great at being most of the parts in our nativity skit, and then there is Kaiden the bum stuck to his dad.  He is such a daddy's boy.

Brothers in their Christmas eve jammies.

Christmas day was busy, like always.  I guess that's the only downside to living so close to family is that you have so many people to see and visit on holidays.  We started out the day opening the few presents we had at our house and then went to my parents to open presents, then grandma Carters, then Spencer's parents.  We were spoiled, especially Kaiden.  Kaiden had so many presents that he didn't even want to keep opening them.  He would open one and want to immediately play with it and we had to convince him to keep opening.  And this was the first Christmas that he actually wanted to open presents and he was starting to understand it a little bit.  But overall it was another great Christmas and we were so happy to be able to spend the day with family.  

 Christmas morning at our house, I love Kaiden's face when as he's looking at his new coloring book.

 We made Kaiden take a picture by the tree before he started opening, for some reason he wanted to wear his hat this morning.

 Grayson with his new stuffed bear that is currently bigger than him.

 The best present under the tree, isn't he cute.

 Some of the toys that Kaiden loved and got distracted by.

 Grayson got a play yard mat and he already loves it.

 Kaiden with his haul, this is ridiculous.

Grayson with his smaller haul because he really doesn't need much, the poor kid will just have to get used to the hand downs from Kaiden.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Polar Express

For my moms birthday, we went up to Heber to ride on the Polar Express.  It was really cute and fun but also really cold that day.  Kaiden loves trains so he was pretty excited to go for a ride on one.  The hot chocolate and cookies they served were delicious and the workers all dressed up as elves and then Mrs. Clause and Santa both came.  The time of day was perfect because we got to ride in both light and dark and everything was so pretty with all the snow.

Grayson with Great Grandma Carter riding the train.

Kaiden's face when Santa Clause was getting closer to us, he's not too fond of the guy even though he goes around saying "ho ho ho santa clause".

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gym and 4 Months

Before Christmas, we took Kaiden to a gym that has an open play time for the little kids.  We met my friend Jocelyn there and the boys had tons of fun.

Grapevine anyone? Haha, ya he's talented.

This must be where he gets it from, his dad.

And of course, Grayson was there to watch too :)

On December 20th, Grayson turned 4 months old.  Time has gone by so fast.  He definitely does not have the blue eyes that Kaiden has but we still are deciding on the color.  Maybe brown or a greenish?  And he has a lot darker hair than Kaiden too.  Everything goes in the mouth now, including all of his fingers and even the fist sometimes.  He is still all smiles all the time and such a calm and pleasant baby.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

We Still Love Basketball

We still love basketball here at our house, especially BYU basketball, but basketball in general.  Kaiden loves to shoot on his hoop every day and he loves going to all the BYU basketball games with us and watching them on tv too.  We even can just turn on the tv to any basketball game and Kaiden would be happy.  But he is like his momma and is obsessed with BYU basketball.  He is so cute at the games and makes us stand up when the fight song comes on.  He does the "rah rah rah, go cougars" part with his little fist pump, it is so cute!  Randomly during the days you can hear him saying "rah rah rah rah rah, go cougars!"  I've trained him well ;) but we still think he is the next Jimmer. 

We went to see Cosmo, who Kaiden loves to see at the games from a distance.  Cosmo was leaving and we were the last ones to grab him for a picture so he hurried and picked up Kaiden and I thought Kaiden was going to freak out but he was ok, his face says it all. 

This cutie loves to just sit back and watch Kaiden play basketball.

This is where Kaiden says "Kabooooom, slam dunk it".  The throw down.

Grayson watching Kaiden shoot with his feet up, just relaxing.