Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh January January . . . .

January is probably the worst and longest month of the year.  Especially this year because the entire month was basically below freezing and smoggy inversion that we hardly left the house and it just dragged.  So I'm just doing one big post with the whole month of January.  We did a lot of hanging out with baby Paisley before she left, we potty trained, and Grayson started cereal for the first time.

Grayson and his cousin Paisley are just over 4 months apart.  It's amazing the growth a baby has in just 4 months!

You can tell Kaiden and Grayson are so excited to finally have a cousin ;)

 We were working on tummy time and Grayson decided to just fall asleep instead.

 Just chillin with Paisley doing baby stares.

 Grayson had cereal for the first time.  He did really well and seemed to like it.  He had a little cold in these pictures and that's why his eyes were all red and watery.

 Just a huge snowman we built ;) Ok we didn't build it, just stopped by for a picture.  He happens to have a pretty cool hat too.

 Broke out the new wedding gift games from just about 7 years ago.  Spencer was trying to teach Kaiden how to play marbles.

 Grayson turned 5 months old in January!

 He is always so happy when he wakes up.

 Someone figured out they could climb into Grayson's crib with him.  Scares me but Grayson thinks it is pretty funny.

Potty training!! I dreaded this but it was time, especially since we were home all the time anyways.  And having only one child in diapers is definitely nice.  My friend emailed me a potty training guide that we followed and basically you get rid of the diapers and they wear underwear and you constantly remind them to tell you when they need to go while giving them tons to drink.  You have to stay by them for 3 days always watching them and when they start to go, rush them to the bathroom.  If they get any in the toilet, they get a treat. You stay really positive with them and encouraging and go overboard on excitement when they succeed.  Kaiden did really well.  After the first day and night, he didn't have anymore accidents.  The only thing that has taken a little longer is poop but other than that, I was surprised at how well he did and how quick he caught on.  the first day seems horrible but once you get past that, it's not so bad. So yay for only one in diapers!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Day

Last winter we didn't get any snow and so this year was the first time that Kaiden actually has been able to go out and play in it.  It snowed a ton right after Christmas so we decided to take Kaiden out to play while Spencer had time off of work.  Sorry Grayson, you didn't get to come out and play this time.  Kaiden loved the snow but most of all, he loved the little shovel and helping grandma and grandpa shovel the snow off of the driveway.  He also thought it was pretty funny to throw snowballs at me with Spencer.  Grandmas house is still being remodeled hence the huge dumpster in the picture.