Sunday, March 31, 2013


Easter was wonderful this year! The weather was perfect and my boys looked so cute. We went to church then we had a little easter egg hunt at our house and then went to my parents house for dinner and more egg hunting.  This was the first year Kaiden was totally into it and he had so much fun.

 The easter bunny brought Kaiden some candy in a cool Lightning McQueen basket. His favorite candy he got, definitely the smarties.

 And Kaiden's favorite toy is his binoculars from grandma.

 Grayson absolutely hated the feeling of the string stuff in his basket, the faces were killing me :)

 More easter egg hunts at grandmas, the only pictures I could get were of Kaiden's back side-he was going as fast as he could!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Happenings

March was kind of a laid back month as we started to transition to spring! We love finally being able to get out of the house on the few warm days we have had.  Grayson has been as cute as ever and Kaiden is still an active and busy little boy.
 This little dude started to sit up all by himself!

 Trying to train him to keep his hat on, it's going to take some time.

 Happy St. Patricks Day!!

 Trying to get a picture of these 2 together is becoming really hard.

 Grayson turned 7 months old on March 20th.

 He's a little rolling machine too.

 And this is his way of crawling/rolling til he gets to what he wants.

 His 2 little bottom teeth are in and he's starting to work on the two top middle teeth.

 We've been able to head to the park in our complex a few times, Kaiden rides his bike while Grayson rides in the stroller and we go see the ducks at the pond, play at the slides, then go past the tractors.

 Kaiden wanted a little girl that was at the park to push him in the tire swing and I was surprised at how much he loved it, I was just praying he wouldn't let go!

Visiting the ducks at the pond (Kaiden usually wears his helmet, this was the one time he didn't).

 They are building a new complex right next to ours and Kaiden has loved watching the tractors, dump trucks, cement trucks, and all of it.

 They came right past him a few times and he thought it was the coolest thing ever.

 We took our new but old bike trailer out for the first time up the canyon and had a picnic. It went great and the boys loved it until on the way back Grayson couldn't stay awake and his head kept falling on to Kaiden and so Kaiden kept freaking out.

 So happy to see blue skies, now we need green grass and trees.

 Grayson rolling over to Kaiden's toys, the sharing isn't going very good.

 Kaiden has figured out how to take pictures on my phone, there's hundreds of these.

 Playing at the gymnastics gym during the little kid hour they have once a week. 

 I asked Kaiden to go sit by Grayson and play with him while I used the blender so he wouldn't get scared and he went right over and sat by him and they were playing together, it was cute.

I love my family and my 2 boys and we are so excited that summer is coming so we can play a lot together!