Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Was Good

April the weather finally started to really warm up.  It felt really good to start getting out of the house.  We started going to the park a lot and we even went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.

 He loves the tire swing and will say "faster, faster" and "spin me".  I just hope he never lets go.

 If we don't have bread, Kaiden loves throwing rocks into the pond and Grayson loves watching him.

 Grayson turned 8 months old in April.  He is starting to sort of crawl on his stomach by pulling with his arms, more of an army crawl.  He rolls everywhere though. He also has his two front teeth on top now for a total of 4 teeth.

 Cousin Paisley was in town and we had to do another photo shoot, or at least attempt one.

 Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point!

 Grayson does not like the grass touching his legs, he cries and holds his leg up and even starts shaking and for some reason I think it is pretty comical and have to take pictures.

 Kaiden rolled Grayson in his high chair in to his room so he could watch him shoot hoops. 

 Grayson started eating puffs and he loves them.  He could eat and eat them all day, I guess he could use the extra weight.

What my nights consist of- bath time with my silly boys.

 There was less than 2 minutes between these two pictures, he was out cold.

This was all set up by Kaiden, I love it when he wants to play with his brother.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Conference in Sun Valley

For April Conference this year we went up to Sun Valley, Idaho.  It was really cold and even snowed while we were there but it was still fun to be able to relax and just hang out with family while listening to the prophet. Although with taking care of 2 kids, you end up missing a lot of conference so I guess I will have to read them again.  I wish every sunday was conference sometimes, it is so uplifiting! The church is true!!
 We went ice skating between the conference sessions on Saturday.  Kaiden wasn't too sure about it, he couldn't get the gliding motion down with his feet.

 He had more fun when we pushed him around the ice on the stroller instead.

 Every time we walked somewhere, Kaiden had to push the stroller and he walks so slow. 

 Before the boys went to priesthood, we went bowling which was also a first for Kaiden.  He is such a goof ball in this picture.  Kaiden loved bowling but I guess it can't be too hard if you just roll it down a ramp ;) 

 My little buddy Grayson, always along for the ride.

 My dad getting his thumb stuck in the ball and Chris quietly laughing in the background, haha.

 Kaiden was learning the game in between his turns.  It looks like he was really concentrating here.