Sunday, June 30, 2013

June and a Lake Powell Trip

I'm finally catching up on blogging, someday I'm going to print this so I want it all here.  So I pick it up in June, what a wonderful month.  Temperature is great and its summer again and things are growing.  We loved going to our garden and seeing the progress it made.  It's amazing how it grew so fast and all started as dirt and seeds.  The boys loved going to see it too.

Baby Brynley was born in June and we were happy to welcome another cousin to the world.

 We had some fun at Cristians wedding in the photo booth :)

 Grayson started standing up in his crib and we had to lower it all the way down.

 And then Grayson started crawling and exploring and getting into everything.

 Kaiden had fun at the splash pads. This water was freezing, I don't know how he sat in it.

 We tried miniature golfing and it was fun.  Kaiden didn't get that you can't pick up the ball and move it.

 Father's Day! We love our daddy and all his hard work for us.

 Grayson turned 10 months old.

 He figured out how to climb into Kaiden's bed and was really proud of it.

We went to part of two Lake Powell trips this summer.  This first one in June was with all of the Nielsen side family.  Kaiden was able to play with Lincoln and Grayson didn't really care much for the water yet, maybe it was still too cold.  There was a really full moon that was so bright we went out on the rafts during the night.