Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Warm, warm, warm, July

July was a fun month for us.  We celebrated the 4th by going on a hike to Stewart Falls, having a BBQ and seeing Kelly Clarkson at Stadium of Fire.

 Lunch break at Stewart Falls. Kaiden hiked mostly the whole way like a champ.

 Grayson got to have a fun ride the whole way with daddy.

 At the Stadium of Fire! We look so hot and excited!

 Grayson started standing up to everything but no walking yet.

 I was the 3rd or 7th wheel or whatever you want to call it when I went to the Draper temple with my aunts, uncles, and grandparents (darn swing shift).

 Grandpa finally finished his slide off the deck and Kaiden loves it.

 Grayson turned 11 months old! Growing so fast!!

Spencer and I went up to Sundance for a few hours to ride the trails.  It was really fun and not long enough!

We went on more bike rides with the boys in tow too.

Garden progress! Watching our garden grow was so fun for all of us.  We took nightly bike rides/walks to go check on it and pick our food.

And we had a lot of pool days.  It is nice that our pool at our complex has a kiddie pool.  Grayson still isn't liking the cold water though.