Saturday, August 31, 2013


Here goes August all jammed together in one big post!

Kaiden had kept saying he wanted to go to the temple (so cute!) so one Sunday we drove to the Timpanogos temple and walked around.

Our garden made a lot of progress and we were harvesting a lot of our food in August, especially the corn.  I really love the garden and the summer walks to go check on it.  Kaiden enjoyed feeding the horses and riding his bike, the sunsets were gorgeous, and Grayson just really liked eating his toes, gross.

Spencer's sister Abby and her husband Kyle had baby Lincoln on August 13th, the first boy cousin!! We were so excited!

Grayson turned ONE! It was sad and happy but he's definitely not a baby anymore.

I had a birthday party for Grayson in my parents backyard.  The theme was a beach/summer/warm theme and there ended up being a huge crazy storm that came through right before his party and then hurricane winds that were so strong.  It finally died down and we stuck it out outside but we had to stay under the deck close to the house to be protected from the wind.  He was spoiled with tons of presents and Kaiden thought they were all for him and helped him open them.  But he loved eating his cake, chocolate of course!

We spent a lot of time this summer at Big Springs Park up Provo Canyon.  It is our favorite place to go.  We decided to take Kaiden's bike up with us and he loved riding it up in the mountains. The leaves were already starting to change colors at the end of August.

These are just the random pictures of the month that were cute:

 Matching 2nd cousins! They are only 6 weeks apart and the outfits weren't planned but they were cute.

 Kaiden really loves reading, and pulling every single book off the shelf.

 Kaiden doesn't like using his t anymore, he wanted us to pitch the ball to him and he is really good.

 Dinner break at dad's work included playing some beach volleyball.  He already knows to hold his hands together.

Grayson just enjoying an apple while at one of my volleyball practices. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lake Powell Continued

I had more pictures of the Lake Powell trip I couldn't leave out.

 Kaiden wanted to climb up this tree with John, he thought it was pretty cool.
 We went on a hike to some Indian ruins and it was really HOT!  Kaiden was a trooper though and decided he was going to pull the chain that was attached to a cement block, he didn't make it far.

I wish we could say we made this but we didn't.  We found this sandcastle on a beach not to far from where we were.  There was a lizard that was living in it too and we would see him every time we went.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lake Powell Trip End of July-Beginning of August

We were able to go on a second Lake Powell trip this summer.  This trip was with all the Lohner family.  Unfortunately the Lohner's boat broke on the first day so I never got to ski behind their boat but I did ski and wakeboard behind our boat and had fun tubing and playing in the water.  Spencer did a lot of wakeboarding too and is getting really good, he landed a back flip a few times.  The boys were a lot more comfortable in the water this time and did much better at swimming and jumping in.

 Since I was pregnant last summer and couldn't do anything my wakeboarding skills have retracted a bit :(

 4 generations in the Lohner family all skiing at the same time.