Monday, September 30, 2013


September was another fun and busy month.  The best thing about September is the leaves are starting to change and it is so pretty up in the mountains but still warm.  Also, Kaiden turned 3 in September and is growing up so fast!

Spencer and I went on a bike ride up Big Springs and it was hard but fun.

 We love it so much at Big Springs that we went there a lot :)

We finally got to meet Brynley in person and she is such a cutie.

 I don't think Grayson and Brynley are liking this too much.

 Kaiden turned 3 and we had a Planes party! The weather ruined our party plans again so the party was under my moms deck again.

 On Kaiden's actual birthday we went to dinner at Spencer's work and he had so much fun shooting hoops.

 Kaiden is so spoiled, he got his own set of golf clubs and he loves them.

 We took a drive up to Cascade Springs and Kaiden loved running around on the boardwalk.

The rest are a bunch of random pictures of the month:

 Digging potatoes out of our garden.

 Grayson loves playing the piano.

 This little stinker had just got out of the tub and all dressed and climbed right back in while it was still draining.

 Kaiden got a really BIG big boy bed and he loves it.

Grayson finally started walking! Yay, no more crawling!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

St. George Labor Day Vacay

We went on a St. George trip to my parents house over Labor Day Weekend and had a blast.  I can't wait to get back down there and escape this winter weather. We went on a lot of bike rides, did a lot of swimming, went to the park, visited the temple, and saw some friends!

 We went to lunch with Courtney and her little boy Crue.  I love this picture of the 3 of them :)

We were able to go watch one of Kailey's (a former player I coached) games at Dixie State.

 You can't tell from the picture but this literally was a beast.  I couldn't make it up the hill and I wasn't even pulling the trailer. It was crazy steep.