Thursday, October 31, 2013


October was a fun month.  We went to Hee Haw Farm and Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point, celebrated Halloween, and had a lot of fun being outside while we still could.

 Kaiden got brave and touched the goat, I was surprised he actually did it.

 We loved the train/tractor ride.

 This was Kaiden's favorite part, riding the horse named Bear.

 One of the trips to Hee Haw Farm we went with Jocelyn and her boys and these two pictures sums up the boys perfectly, Kaiden and Easton on the move and Stratton and Grayson doing what we asked, haha.

Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point was crowded and not as fun as Hee Haw Farm.  But there was still a few fun things that the boys enjoyed.  Kaiden especially loved all the wooden play sets all over that he could climb on.

For Halloween, Grayson was a monster and Kaiden was Dusty from the movie Planes. They both really enjoyed Halloween once they realized that knocking on doors meant treats and candy.  We had a busy day going all around to see family and then knocked on a few doors in my parents neighborhood.

 Kaiden with the pumpkins we decorated.  We went for easy and mess free this year.  And these were pumpkins from our garden.

The rest of the pictures are some random cute ones we took throughout the month.

 Kaiden was a good helper cleaning up our garden at the end of the season.

 BYU basketball season started!! This is the best part about winter coming.