Tuesday, December 31, 2013


December! The only month we really had any snow this winter.  Kaiden kept asking every time it snowed to go out and play in it.  Spencer helped Kaiden build a snow slide down my parents driveway hill where my dad didn't scrape the snow and he loved it! He is a little daredevil and will go down head first.

Ward Christmas Parties! We went to my parents ward party which was a country Christmas theme.  My mom gave Kaiden a santa hat to wear and he wore it the entire time! I was so surprised he kept it on but he was sooo cute.

 Grayson was terrified of Santa and Kaiden wouldn't even look at him haha

The second ward party at our church was the same, Kaiden didn't like looking at santa and Grayson was terrified again.

Christmas Eve this year was our traditional dinner at my Grandma Carters house. And we did our songs and stories and acted out the nativity scene.

 Our tree all ready to go after santa came.

Christmas Day--we opened presents at our house before we headed to the grandparents.  My mom and dad came over to watch and so we woke up the boys once they got here and Kaiden started acting all shy.  So after saying for months that he wanted a "big boy bike" from santa we didn't get the reaction we wanted to but oh well, he loves it.

 Kaiden loved his dusty hat that his Auntie Sharissa gave him, he wore it all day.

 First test ride on the new bikes!

 We tried to get a family picture at the end of the day....

 They are spoiled!!!!

 The kids with great grandma and grandpa Faux

 Christmas Jammies

And the randoms for the month:

 I went to lunch with my friends to Wallaby's and Kaiden sat here and said "mom take my picture" it was cute.

 BYU game day-blurry picture but we were all dressed up in our BYU outfits

 Hard at work in his dusty hat and on his new computer

 Kaiden and Scarlett danced and danced for 20 minutes at Nate and Brooke's wedding.  We had to talk Kaiden into doing it and then he loved it and wouldn't let go of her hands. Then it turned into Kaiden swinging Scarlett around and around and going in circles til they wiped out.  Nonetheless, it was really cute.

 Yes there is still snow but Spencer had to take his bike out for a test ride

We had family pictures right before Christmas while everyone was here and I was basically dying this day and so sick.  Spencer was sick two days before this and then I started feeling really sick like I wanted to throw up but never did.  It is the worst feeling ever.  So that I even look alive in any of these pictures is a miracle.