Friday, January 31, 2014


January always seems to be such a long, cold, boring month.  I never have very many pictures from January because nothing too exciting ever happens.

 First picture of the new year

 Spencer graduated from UVU (in December technically) but I took a few pictures of him at campus so we can always remember it ;)

 And then I threw a surprise graduation party for Spencer.  He seriously had no clue and I don't know how I pulled it off, I'm terrible at secrets.  But he was totally surprised and we were so blessed to have all the family and friends that have supported him show up.

 Some of the party guests.  I told Spencer to get ready and that we were going on a date and had to take the boys to my moms house to drop them off but as we drove up he got suspicious when he saw all the cars.  I just grabbed the boys and ran in the house, haha.

 We went shooting out by Utah Lake and I surprised myself at how well I did, especially since I haven't been shotgun shooting in a few years.

 The other exciting thing that happened is Spencer was able to switch to day shift at work since he graduated, no more swing shift and nights alone! So on a Friday night we had date night at Scheels with the boys, we spent a few hours there and they could have stayed longer.

 Kaiden started a soccer skills class once a week and he loves it.  He is actually really good too, as long as no one plays defense on him and he can run and shoot goals all day long.

 This is their reading spot, Kaiden even has his legs crossed.

 Kaiden started sunbeams in January and it was rough for the first few weeks or so but he loves it now.

My former player Mercedes Riggs at her SLCC basketball game, she rocked it, like always.