Friday, February 28, 2014


February went really fast this year.  We actually had some really warm days which was nice but here is a recap of the fun things we did:

 Valentines day with my boys

 Had the last BYU basketball home games for the season

 Kaiden and Easton at Itty Bitty Ball at the PG rec center.  They had a blast even though they were a handful.  It was one hour a week for 5 weeks and each time they did a different sport; soccer, basketball, football, and baseball and the last time was a recap and games.

 Grayson watching his big bro play

 And sometimes we just had to let Grayson take a turn, he wanted to sooo bad.

The rest are a few random pictures from the month:

 Matching hats with my baby while Kaiden was at story time.

 Miraculously Grayson started eating one night.  It's been a work in progress but he has gotten so much better.

 Caught red-handed.  Love his guilty face :)

 Had a park date with cousin Lincoln, like I said, some rare warm February days were very nice!

 More playing at the park that's right outside from our house.

 It was even warm enough to start breaking in the new bikes on the canal.

 Kaiden finished up his soccer, he had it once a week for 8 weeks and it was like a skills thing and he loved it and was really really good (not just my mother bias talking).  He especially loved running back and forth scoring goals.  It was a great experience for him and we can't wait til he is old enough to start playing on a team.