Monday, March 31, 2014


March happenings-things started to warm up but not quite yet.  We didn't have too much going on at the end of March so here is a few pictures.
 We had a little neighborhood fire by the duck pond, supposedly started by some kids.  We went to check it out and the firefighter came over and gave Kaiden a sticker. It was cute.

 Kaiden took over on pushing duties for me.

 Grayson really loves story time. He found himself a nice little corner and started reading.

 The end of BYU basketball season :(  worst part about March is basketball season ends.

 Bike riding!! Grayson loves his seat and just smiles the whole time we ride.

Baseball games! Until Grayson steps into a huge uncovered drainage hole filled with water and soaks his shoes and pants.  But he sure does love his suckers!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

St. George Trip - Johnson Family

The first weekend of March we took a quick trip to St. George with Spencer's family since Skylar had a baseball tournament down there.  We stayed at my parents house down there and had so much fun, even though it wasn't as warm as we had hoped it would be.  We even had a midnight swim in the heated pool after a crazy smoke alarm incident that miraculously didn't wake up the kids.

 At one of Skylar's game.

 Kaiden playing with his aunt Chesley, he had so much fun with her.

 From the second we got to St. George Kaiden kept saying non stop how he wanted to go play with the tractors, even though it was cold he didn't care, he loves this park.

 Kaiden and Emery would ride their bikes in circles in the garage, they loved it.

 Grayson had some issues with his pants being too big, haha.

 Spencer was more than excited to finally go riding on his new mtn. bike and Kyle too.  So we found this trail that was supposedly going to take us back to the house so we had Spencer's dad drive us up and the road turned to a dirt road that turned into a rocky dirt road.  The drive alone took over a half hour on this dirt road.  So we finally stopped a little short of where we wanted to start and Mark took our picture and we left and he drove back down.  Well we get going down this trail and everything is going great and then Kyle gets a flat tire.  Spencer didn't have spare tires that were the right size for Kyles bike and he doesn't use patch kits (he always just changes the tire) so we didn't have that either so we tried everything and ended up using band aids to patch it.  Well then we couldn't get it pumped back up and later found out that the issue was the pump he had never had to use, it was a bad one.  So after an hour of trying to fix it, we decided it would be faster to continue down the trail walking instead of having Mark leave Skylar's game and drive forever to get back to us.  So we walked a while and lost the trail, it just dead ended and we couldn't figure out where we were supposed to go and instead of risking getting lost, we called Mark to come get us and started walking back the way we came until we met Mark on the road. We ended up being late for the start of the BYU game that I wasn't happy about.  But overall, we ended up walking more than riding and Mr. prepared Spencer learned that he needed to be more prepared, haha.  And find a better trail next time ;)  We think it was an old trail and website he got it off of.  Phew, sorry for the long story, and that's the short version.

 Family pictures! We set the camera on the car and turned the timer on to take 3 pictures before we left to come back home.  Kyle told us all to smile, serious, and funny for each click. These pictures still crack me up.  This is the smile one.

 The serious one.

 And the funny one.  Mark's face is the same in all the pictures hahaha.

 Kaiden and Emery playing soccer in the backyard.