Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Fun

Here are some pictures of the rest of the fun stuff we did in April:

I thought the lighting on  this picture was cool, brothers going down the slide together into the sunlight.

These cousins had lots of fun going to Skylar's baseball games.

Kaiden loves basketball but the full size balls were too heavy for him so he used a volleyball til we got a smaller basketball.  Look at that form already!

Kaiden and Emery were pretending to be asleep at Spencer's softball games, Kaiden is not very good at it.
I love capturing the moments when these two play together :)
Busted out the bikes and Grayson loves his seat on back. 
Kaiden was still a bit too small for his new bike so we had to leave the training wheels on til he could reach them and learn how to pedal.
Grayson loved his bike ride so much he literally fell right asleep.
We decided to take a hike up Battlecreek Canyon to see the waterfall.
This made me extremely nervous.

Water, rocks, sticks, and dirt makes for some happy little boys.

We took the boys to mini golf at trafalga and the course was a glow in the dark Hawaiian theme, Kaiden's bright yellow shirt just glowed.
Not a very good picture but we got Kaiden to ride this roller coaster thing that drops you up and down, it took some coaxing to get on it but once he did, he loved it.  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was at the end of April this year which was nice because it was warm enough outside.  We got so much candy that we are still eating it almost 3 months later.  But we started with an Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's the day before Easter in the field behind their house.  There was a lot of eggs back there and the kids loved it.

 Kaiden was too excited to start eating all the candy he couldn't smile for a picture.

Easter morning the boys did a little hunt around our house and opened their baskets.  They both got a little airplane that they loved.

 Our Easter family picture.  Surprisingly turned out really good.  I have some handsome boys in my life :)

 They were loving the trees that were blooming.

And then we had our third and final Easter egg hunt and Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen's house.  Lots more eggs and candy and even some money. Kaiden had to check them for the money first.

 Grandpa got a little baby chick as a joke for his birthday.  Doesn't he look so excited! He found it early too, he heard the chirping in the garage.

 These pictures show Kaiden and Grayson's personality so much.  Grayson touching it and Kaiden stressing out about touching it, ha ha

And then we colored Easter eggs at home and the boys had so much fun.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another St. George Trip

We had another fun St. George trip over conference weekend in April.  We ended up with colder than normal weather again which was kind of a bummer but otherwise it was a great trip.

 We did some mountain biking on the Bear Claw Poppy Trail.

 We went to the park a lot, Kaiden really loves the park down there by the house.

 Spencer and I did a session in the St. George temple.  It has always been my favorite temple and I had never been inside so we were finally able to go and I'm so glad we did.

 Between conference sessions we all went to Snow Canyon and walked to the sand dunes.  It was fun but still cold and windy but the kids loved it.

 Fun in the pool! Good thing we heated it up to 90 degrees :)

 Grandpa bought a small basketball hoop to stay at the house and Kaiden loved it.

 I found camero heaven.  I made Spencer turn around and stop so I could take a picture with all these camaros, the owners were all really nice and took my pictures for me and said they were there for a car show. I hope Spencer wasn't too embarrassed looking back now.....

 We love food, we had a mini birthday party for all the April babies