Monday, June 30, 2014

June 2014 Part 2

June must be the second best month after May.  We did so many fun things in June I couldn't even post them all in the same post.  We took another trip to St. George with the Johnson family, spent a lot of time up the canyon and biking and just being outside.

We had a lot of fun bike rides at the Bear Claw trail.

Cousins swinging together at the park. Lincoln and Grayson are almost exactly a year apart.
Kaiden went fishing with Luke. It was so hot we didn't last long.  And the water had some swimmer's itch in it so we didn't dare get in.

We stopped to see the temple on Sunday before we headed home and it was really bright outside, the boys couldn't open their eyes.
For Father's Day, we decided to go up AF canyon and have a bbq.  
The boys were loving playing in the dirt with all their tractors.
Kaiden learned how to use a hatchet.  Don't worry, he didn't get hurt.
Happy Father's Day!!
Family pic up the canyon for our Father's Day bbq.
Another AF canyon bbq trip with friends. Spencer pulled out his hammock, it was some fun entertainment.
Throwing rocks in the river, they could literally do this all day.
We say lets take a family picture and the attitude comes out.
Bike ride to Bridal Veil
Kaiden got brave enough to walk through the cold water a little bit.

This picture was too cute not to add in. Paisley and Grayson were having fun playing in the sandbox together. 
We were able to sneak away for another bike ride together.  This one is up AF canyon.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 2014 Part 1

June was so much fun, mostly because it was officially summer and warmer and we could do a lot of fun things outside which is what makes us happy! We are definitely summer people and you can see why :)
Kaiden officially became a pro at riding his bike.
This was one of our new favorite parks up on the hill in PG with a gorgeous view. Kaiden would ride in circles on the path.
We discovered a love for AF canyon and loved exploring it.
The boys could throw rocks in the water ALL day long.

Pool days at our complex pool.  It was definitely more fun this year since Grayson finally realized that the water is fun and he turned into a crazy animal running and jumping into the pool over and over again.
Went on a temple date on our 8th anniversary at the same place we got married.
This has become our yard since we don't have one.  Someday......

Pool time in Grandma's backyard are so much fun.
The start of our garden.
He loved getting in the dirt at the garden.
Grayson by my strawberry plants, he couldn't wait for them to grow.  He loves strawberries like his mama.

Probably my favorite time of day and part of summer ever.  I loved our evening rides to the garden as the sun was setting.  They were gorgeous and it just felt so good outside.
We decided to try "camping" in my parents backyard for a night. 
This is how Grayson was in the morning.  I didn't get much sleep.