Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014

July was a busy month but another great one.  I wish it could be summer all year long.  I guess you have to move to California to get that ;)
The crew at Stadium of Fire - Kaiden was hiding from the camera like usual.
Happy Fourth of July - We don't own very much red, oops.
Family Picture

We decided to take Kaiden to Stadium of Fire this year and he had a blast. He found the flag as we were walking to the stadium and carried it everywhere.  Carrie Underwood was soooo good.
Kaiden had to join in when everyone would turn on their phone lights.
We borrowed a friends trailer and went camping for a night.  The boys had fun playing in the dirt and getting dirty.
We went with our friends Jen and Trevor before they moved for school.
Family campfire picture, and of course, the kids aren't having it.
We got grandpa to take the boat out to Utah Lake.  I went on tube rides with my boys.  I was the only one who wasn't a chicken with the cold water and actually got in and went wakeboarding. 

Had to post this picture because look at Paisley's face, haha.  She had fun though.
July meant lots of afternoon pool days.  This year the boys both were very brave and came out of their shells with the water.  They loved running and jumping into the water, over and over again.
We even got a few pool trips with our buddies Easton and Stratton.
Grayson started learning how to ride his balance bike.
Afternoon baseball game. They didn't last long though.

We helped our friends Jen and Trevor move and the boys found a river in the street that they just had to play in.
We had to strip them down to diapers and undies because they got soaking wet.
Garden progress! It grows so fast, but so do the weeds.
We got another bike ride together up AF canyon.
I love this picture. It's surprising Kaiden even let Scarlett ride with him and that they both were smiling and being so cute.  
Evening bike rides on the canal with the sunset is my happy place.
More playing outside while the sun sets.  Summer is the best. 
We did the temple to temple 5k on the 24th of July and it was really hard to navigate our stroller through all the literally thousands of  people while we ran but it was still fun. Until my new phone dived out of the stroller and shattered the screen :(
My first real rodeo finally! We went to the Spanish Fork rodeo and it was so much fun.
Smoky skies make for a beautiful sunset at the rodeo. 
Splash pad fun with these two goof balls. 
Spencer got brave and decided to try shaving his head since he's losing his hair anyways. He grew it back out but it was starting to grow on me.
We said goodbye to July by going up Battle Creek canyon to watch the sunset and throw rocks.