Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014

In August, we celebrated Grayson's 2nd birthday by having a pool party! He turned into a little fish over the summer so it was the perfect way to celebrate and he loved it.  We also did a lot of exploring in the mountains and just anything outdoors while we still could.

Grayson loved being thrown around by his daddy and uncles in the pool. He has no fear.

Kaiden being such a good big brother had to help Grayson do everything. 
We went to  a place called Provo Falls that we didn't know existed and it was so cool!  It was pouring rain and freezing when we got there and in 5 minutes it stopped raining and the sun came back out and it warmed back up.

After the falls we found a place to stop and let the boys throw rocks into the river. They could do that all day long.
Garden progress! Kaiden officially gets lost in the corn.
Grayson went through a stage where he made this face when you asked him to smile ;) And Spencer built this bench for us (before it was stained)
Grayson on his actual birthday! 2 years old!

Mini golfing-Kaiden brought his own putter and glove and he took it very seriously. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lake Powell August 2014

Lake Powell this summer was the first week of August.  We had so much fun like always! This is seriously my favorite place on earth to go! I love the sun, the water, the heat, playing for a week, no shoes or clothes or makeup, just everything about it.  The boys had so much fun playing on the beach in the sand and going on boat rides.  Grayson did much better with the water this year and didn't scream every time we put him in so that was good. The boys got had fun playing with my younger cousins, especially Emily, and being able to play with Melissa and David and Brynley!

Grayson playing in the sand. I love this picture with the water and the blue skies and the puffy clouds behind him, it's like heaven ;) or at least my version of it.

We showed the boys how to build canyon by dumping the water in the sand.  Made for a fun sandy mess, good thing we could just jump into the water to clean off.

I LOVE long boat rides! It put Kaiden right to sleep.
And captain Grayson loved driving the boat.
Our long, hot hike to the indian ruins. 
Red faces but they had fun climbing in the houses and up and down the ladders.
Grayson clearly got the best deal out of all of us.
I tried to get Kaiden to go skiing but he wasn't too sure about it.  I put the skis on him and tried pulling him along the beach but that is much harder than it seems.  We bribed him to go behind the sea doo but it didn't last long.  Maybe next year he will be brave enough.
I LOVE tubing wars! Even though when I'm done my head is pounding and my arms are burning and knees and elbows are rubbed raw, it is so worth it! Especially when I'm having a war against David and Melissa, but especially David ;)

We took the little kiddos for a gentle, slow tube ride to take some pictures.
This was probably the one and only time Kaiden went down the slide, haha.
I got a lot of ski runs in on this trip. I actually got my butt out of bed early almost every day to get some smooth water to ski.