Friday, October 31, 2014

October Festivities - Part 2

The best part about October is all the fun farm and pumpkin land places you can go to with kids. Our kids love anything tractors and outdoors so they love this stuff.  We went to Hee Haw Farms which is pretty close to our house and in my opinion, this is the best one around.  It has slides, tractor rides, horse rides, petting zoo, swings, corn piles, and so much more.

Riding on the tractor ride around the farm.
Grayson was not so sure about the pony ride.
Kaiden on the other hand loved the pony rides and made sure he had the same horse from last year, Bear.

They were filling up their hats with corn and then dumping it onto their heads.

Grayson has no fear. Look at those scary horns!
We went to Pumpkinland with the Johnson's and had a ton of fun. They had a mini corn maze, lots of stuff to climb on and bounce houses, and a playground.  And lots of pumpkins of course.

Grayson and Lincoln were holding hands while walking around and it was the cutest thing ever. 
Kaiden and Emery putting their heads through the pictures.
We went to a free little haunted walk through in AF that was just in a little field behind some houses. The boys were a little scared at first at one of the decorations that jumped out at them but it was fun.
I tried taking their picture but they couldn't keep their eyes off the scary decoration.

There was an old hoop at the end that was another distraction for the boys, all they wanted to do was shoot.
Pumpkin decorating- aka sticking little pieces into the pumpkin.  A lot less messy and easier to do. Here is Grayson with his pumpkin.
And Kaiden with his pumpkin.

Halloween day- knocking on great grandma Carter's door.
Grayson was dusty the airplane and Kaiden was, his words, "Michael Jordan from Space Jam".  Easton and Stratton were villains but I can't remember who they were?
We went trick or treating with Emery (Snow White) and Lincoln ( Ninja Turtle).

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 2014 Part 1

We have some random pictures from October to post.  The weather was really nice most of the month so we were able to still do a lot of things outside.  We went up to Payson Lakes to scout out some places to take family pictures and let the boys try out fishing.  Our brother in-law Kyle came back up to Payson Lakes with us to take our pictures.  He is so talented at photography and editing, he makes us look good :)

The end of our garden.
We had way too much fun playing baseball with a bunch of old, rotted tomatoes.  We were all covered in tomato chunks and juices but it was so funny.  Every time we would hit one it would explode and Kaiden and Grayson would laugh so hard. 
Checking out Payson Lakes.

Trying out our fishing.....we didn't even get close to catching anything haha.