Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

We had a lot of adventures in November.  BYU basketball started again and we went on a trip to Branson, Missouri and Omaha, Nebraska all while riding in the motor home. It was a long trip in the motor home but it was a lot of fun.

Kaiden had so much fun going to the BYU MOA art class and this tractor themed one was definitely his favorite.
Lots of leaf raking at great grandma Carters

Before we left to Branson, we decided to put our tree up a little early so we could get the most out of it :)
Every year I forget how hard it is with kids to get the tree and ornaments all up without it all getting destroyed. 

The sunset in Branson, Missouri on our first night.
Dixie Stampede show.  This was surprisingly really good! I was worried my kids wouldn't sit through it but the horses and show was so entertaining my kids were mesmerized the entire time. 
We had an epic ultimate frisbee game on Thanksgiving morning that sadly ended when our frisbee, signed by Cosmo, broke and started drawing blood.
Can't resist a good funny face picture.
Go Kart riding in Branson.  Kaiden loved it, and I was focused on passing every single person I could.
These two cuties weren't big enough to ride.
Thanksgiving Dinner. That was a big table. And I'm in the back flashing deuce.

Family picture on Thanksgiving Day
We went to an amusement park in Branson called Silver Dollar City the day after Thanksgiving. Despite waiting in line for at least an hour just to get into the park, it was so much fun.  It was so hilly in the park so pushing the double stroller around with the kids was really hard.  They only had 5 really big rides and one called Outlaw Run we rode at least 5 times it was so much fun. 
We waited for a while to ride this train, the boys loved it. 
This is one of our pictures from the Outlaw Run.  We rode it again once it got dark at night and that was even more fun.  It was pitch black because the rides are all in the hills so there is nothing else around.  You couldn't see where the drops were or the turns it was so crazy. 

Motor home adventures...very uncomfortable to sleep in.

The group at Silver Dollar City.
Boat ride with the boys
The boys loved playing with my cousin Emily, she took such good care of them.
Trying to fit into the little kid rides with the boys, haha.