Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 2014

December was so fun with two little boys and Christmas time.  They are definitely spoiled little boys though. But we had so much fun seeing Santa, going to lots of parties, and having Christmas time!
Our favorite tree at the festival of trees was the BYU tree.  And we didn't last too long with two busy body boys and a million other people there.  
We went to the BYU basketball game that was at the Energy Solutions Arena and walked over to temple square after.  This was the best picture we could get, haha.
I had to document this because it was December and it was so warm we went out to play and without jackets too!
December meant potty training time for Grayson.  I did my 3 day potty training thing I did with Kaiden and it worked really good again with Grayson.  It was is so nice to not be buying any diapers anymore.
"Mom, take our picture with great grandmas deer"
This was about all the snow we got all winter long.  It was freezing but the boys insisted on going out to shovel.
We went bowling for grandma Nielsen's birthday party and the boys had so much fun.
Classic Santa picture.  Grayson obviously hated it, Kaiden had a big scab on his nose and was nervous and kept his hands by his face the whole time.
Blurry family picture with Mr and Mrs Clause

Christmas Eve tradition at great grandma Carter's house.
A wise man during the Christmas Eve nativity story

Christmas morning before we open our presents at home.

Kaiden with his "helicopter that flies" because that was what he really wanted when you asked.

Grayson loved his Lightning McQueen shirt from aunt Sharissa
End of the day family picture
Grayson with his new stuff, spoiled!
Kaiden with his new toys, even more spoiled! 
Kaiden got some new tools for Christmas and he kept asking, "why won't this tree cut down?"
The second and last snow storm of the season.  Luckily they came right before and right after Chrismas so we had a white Christmas.
We did some pictures of the kids for my mom for Christmas. These goof balls are so cute.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Omaha Nebraska

After Branson, we drove to Melissa's house in Omaha.  Spencer got straight on a plane and flew home so he could get back to work but we spent a day in Omaha before we started the long drive home.  It was FREEZING in Omaha.  We ended up going to the zoo and there was basically no one there.  But the Omaha zoo was the coolest zoo ever.  It was huge and we spent all day there and still didn't see it all.  Anytime we were outside between buildings we had to run fast, it was literally so cold.  The creepy thing was we got lost as it was starting to get dark and couldn't find anyone for directions, it was really kinda eerie surrounded by bears and lions and tigers.... But someday we need to go back to the zoo when it is summer and warm. I had so many pictures, I had to really narrow it down.
Inside the desert dome where it was nice and warm.
The crazy monkeys. I have a video of the big gorilla walking over to Kaiden and all the sudden smacking the glass right in front of Kaiden.  Kaiden jumped and ran, it was hilarious.  
Grayson watching the monkeys while we ate lunch.  One of them had a little baby monkey, it was cute.
So many fun bridges and waterfalls.

Cool picture of the kids at the aquarium.
Kaiden loved shooting hoops in Melissa's basement.
Grayson was so cool walking around in his favorite hat and hands in his pockets.  Only problem is if you trip like this you can't catch yourself.