Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015

Another January, we don't have many pictures because it is hard to find things to do and it's so cold outside. Spencer started the PTA program at Provo College and will graduate May of 2016.

Our first picture together in the new year. We just hung out at home for New Years. Grayson didn't make it to midnight but Kaiden was determined.
We were able to take a trip to St. George without the kids for a few nights and it was a much needed break, even though it was still freezing cold in St. George. We were able to go to Kailey Avery's wedding in the St. George Temple, it was a fun experience. 

Sometimes this is the best picture we can get, haha.
We took the boys mini golfing at the glow in the dark course and they loved it.  
Grandpa Nielsen was getting his motorcycle ready to take to Wyoming and Kaiden wanted to go for a ride.
Grayson was just the cutest before church one Sunday. 
We decided to drive to the lake and check it out one night.  We caught a gorgeous sunset and found a little ice castle someone had built. 
Our first trip to the cabin in Wyoming!! There was hardly any snow so that was kind of a bummer but we had fun exploring and checking it out.
There was barely enough snow to ride the snowmobiles but we still had to try them out.
This is at the bottom of the meadow looking up at the cabin.  It was so bright Grayson had to wear Spencer's sunglasses.

Grandpa was trying to catch a porcupine in the trap and caught a skunk instead.  I watched him and Spencer try to cover it with a blanket without getting sprayed for over an hour before they had to shoot him.  And it still ended up spraying and they really do stink bad.