Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015

February was a weird month with the weather.  It was way warm and we were able to do more things outside than normal.  We didn't really have any snow at all this winter. Kaiden did Itty Bitty Ball again but this time he knew what to expect and he was a pro but he still enjoyed being able to play sports and get his energy out.

Lincoln and Grayson were Kaiden's cheering section.
It was so warm that Kaiden was able to start practicing riding his bike without his training wheels and he did so good! He just took right off and loved it. The balance bike really works!
We took a drive up to Tibble Fork to see what it looks like in the winter and to dream about summer.

My little Valentines

The boys favorite halftime entertainment, watching the lady make the caramel popcorn.

Final home game of the season
The boys were surprised to see snow! Big flakes of snow, they tried catching them on their tongues.