Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015

Here are some other things that we did in March:
It didn't snow all winter but then it snows in March! The boys wanted to get some use out of their snow shovels even though it was really windy and freezing outside.
They thought it was funny to throw snowballs at me.
Kaiden graduated from Itty Bitty Ball again.

Bike rides on the canal started again.
Daddy taught the boys how to build and do their own project.

We were able to go this jumping place for free with our pass of all passes and it was seriously the funnest thing ever! I just kept laughing so hard and almost peeing my pants every time I jumped. The boys loved it too.

Easter! We had our annual egg hunt (a little early) behind grandma and grandpa Johnson's house.

Grayson was already too busy stuffing chocolate in his mouth to smile for a picture, he definitely takes after me :)
Since Easter will be on conference Sunday this year, this is our Easter Sunday a week early dressed up picture.
More egg hunts and great grandma Carter's house (early again).

Monday, March 23, 2015

St. George March 2015

Spencer had a spring break in the middle of March that ended up being a week and a half long of no classes. We went to St. George with grandma and grandpa Nielsen to help them with some projects and to get some much needed sunshine.  We were going to go down for one weekend and then maybe go to Wyoming for the next weekend but they didn't get the projects done they wanted to finish so even though my parents had to drive back up to Orem for a couple days, we decided to just stay down in St. George and make it a long trip.  We had to do multiple loads of laundry to have enough clothes and took a few trips to the store to get some church clothes and food but it was so worth it.  We had so much fun in the pool, at the park, biking, hiking, and playing.  It was one of the best St. George trips ever and so relaxing.

I somehow brought Grayson a swim top but forgot swim bottoms so he had to swim in his underwear for a few days until we decided to stay and just buy him another swim suit.

This was project #1, draining the pond and waterfall and filling it with rocks and putting a big huge drum of water in the ground to hold the water instead.

We did a fun hike with my mom at the Red Cliffs park area.  It was a fun hike with the kids. 

This was at the end of the hike, a waterfall and it had ropes into the wall that you can hold onto to climb up to the top.  The water was freezing but there still was people jumping off the edge into it.

Took a visit to my favorite temple.
Kaiden got really good at riding his bike without the training wheels this trip.
We went to throw rocks at Quail Creek one night and the boys loved it.

More hiking at Snow Canyon State Park.  We packed a lunch and spent the whole day doing a few little hikes and exploring.

We tried to do a self timer picture but I couldn't make it all the way to the top in time for the picture, haha.

Nap time in the hammock in the sun is the best.
Grayson really became a daredevil this trip and learned to love swimming! When we first got there we still had his old life jacket from last summer that had the baby flap in the back.  When he would be in the water it would make him just float on his back and he didn't like it.  When my parents came back for the second part of the trip they brought back this new life jacket and Grayson loved it! It only took him a few minutes to learn how to keep his feet down when he was in the water and before we knew it, he was jumping off the edge into the water over and over again. 
We took a bike ride on our favorite Bear Claw trail.
This was project #2, building and adding in this slide. We all loved it!!