Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015

In May, we went on a lot of hikes and celebrated mine and Spencer's birthdays. We also went to the cabin in Wyoming for a couple days and did a lot of fun outdoor activities. May is such an awesome month, everything starts to turn green again and the weather is perfect.
This was the panoramic view from the G on the mountain in Pleasant Grove. This was a really hard hike with kids, it was basically going straight up the mountain.  We didn't realize how tough it was going to be but we made it, dragging the kids along.
This is what the G is actually made of, a bunch of fencing material.  I wouldn't want to be the one to haul all that stuff up the mountain.  And turns out hiking sticks are really dangerous for little kids, Grayson fell onto his and got a big scrape on his cheek/chin that you will see in pictures later on.
Grayson is showing you how we all really felt.

This was the start of our garden for this year. The boys are finally old enough that we can just let them play in the dirt while we work.
Getting good use out of our pass of all passes before it expired at Trafalga in Lehi.  The boys loved this airplane ride.

Wyoming cabin fun! Grayson loves having the swing set to play on.
We invented a new game of seeing how many times we could hit the metal pipe with a rock out of 10 throws.
The boys loved throwing the big rocks into the canal and getting splashed with the water.
We took a drive up Mirror Lake Highway (which is only a few minutes away from the cabin) and saw 4-5 moose along the way.  We drove as far as we could until the road was covered in snow and we had to turn around and come back. 
As we were driving back to the cabin, the roads went from dry to completely covered in hail and ice in seconds and we were hydroplaning down the road unable to stop or slow down.  It was really scary but Spencer finally got it under control.  The hail was so big it was pelting the car so hard.  We pulled over twice and then found a tree to kind of take cover under.  We took a picture of the hail on top of the car once we finally made it back but luckily there was no damage. 

Mother's Day with my two boys.
Tibble Fork was starting to turn green again.
Birthday dinners at Texas Roadhouse
Just had to include this picture of our funny faces while at Texas Roadhouse.
We took a bike ride and some lunch up to Bridal Veil Falls and had to take a break under the pavilion while it rained a little bit on us.

I had a surprise 30th birthday party for Spencer.  I originally was just planning a normal party but he kept telling me he didn't want a party.  So I finally acted like I was giving in and said fine we won't have a party and I planned a surprise party instead! On the night of the party I took Spencer to Los Hermanos for dinner and then we walked around RC Willey until my mom called and acted like Grayson was hurt and she thought he broke his arm.  Spencer fell for it all, I was shocked.  I had such a hard time keeping a straight face but somehow I pulled it off and he was surprised!  

Our annual Memorial Day Stewart Falls hike.  This year was a very interesting one, it was cloudy and got super stormy right in the middle of our hike.  Like pouring rain and super loud thunder and close lightning.  The boys were freaking out and scared and wanted to go home but we were so close to the falls we didn't want to turn around and go back yet so we stuck it out and it was worth it.  We got to the falls and the sun started coming out and not a single person was there, everyone had left because of the storm. But soon after we got there, everyone from behind us started showing up too.  

Kaiden had his first t-ball practice and Spencer was the coach.
Another hike to the Grotto.  The is a very short hike but the boys love it with all the stairs and bridges, it makes it really fun for kids.