Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

In June, Kaiden was finally old enough to play t-ball for the first time on a team and Spencer signed up to be the coach!  They both had a lot of fun, even though Kaiden is good enough that he can hit off a pitch and doesn't need the t.  It was fun to watch the kids play because they would all pile on top of the ball each time it was hit.

Kaiden's friend Easton was also on his team.

I took this picture just a few minutes before a that huge storm behind Kaiden made it to us.  It instantly started pouring rain and lightning and thunder and I have never seen the entire park clear out so fast. Everyone just picked up their stuff and ran for their cars. We got soaking wet but it was a funny experience.

The boys would run and jump into the kiddie pool like this for hours, they loved it. 
We went to the Provo pool a few times with Abby and cousins Lincoln and Lonnie.

On our way to Diamond Fork Hot Pots - this was a long hike but we made it.

Me and Kaiden took our shoes off and got into the water, which really is hot, even too hot in some places. 

This is a snake that I just about stepped on while barefoot after taking my shoes off at the water.  It scared me so bad!

We went to Strawberry Days and the boys could ride these rides all day long, they had a blast. Too bad it isn't cheap.

We were able to go on a little two night getaway in Park City with our friends Jamie and Matt. We rode the Alpine Slide and the roller coaster.

We went on a couple bike rides while we were in Park City. 

We visited the Olympic Park.
This was on our 19 mile bike ride.  The shuttle for the hotel dropped us off near Guardsman Pass and we rode all the way across the mountain back to our hotel.  It was a tough but fun ride.

Garden progress! We were sad that Doterra built a bunch of buildings by our garden so our pretty view of the sunset is now partially covered.