Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015

July was a busy month.  We celebrated the 4th of July, went on a lot of hikes, went to the ward campout, the lake, the pool, lots of cousin and family time, and just spent as much time as possible outside soaking in the summer.

We decided to try the parade this year for the 4th of July.  Probably our last year going, the boys just don't seem into it so it's not worth it.  But we took our bikes on the back of the car so we wouldn't have to walk forever from where we parked. 

Our 4th of July family picture.

Nate had a major fireworks show at grandma Carter's house and Grayson wasn't too sure about all the noise. 

Kaiden and Scarlett still get along and play together so well. They were having fun on the tire swing and I snapped this cute shot of them both smiling. 
We went with the Hoffman's up to Cascade Spring one afternoon. It was really rainy in the morning but turned into a really great day.

We went to Thanksgiving Point with the Kellogg's. 

Our spot up Payson canyon at the ward campout. 
A bunch of the ward stopped at the Grotto on the way back so we decided to hike it again.
We had to stop and get some slurpees at 7-Eleven on 7-11.
We went with our friends the Evanson's on their boat to Utah Lake. It was windy and kinda cold so Kaiden was hiding while on the tube because the wind was blowing the water from the waves right onto us.
I finally got to try wake surfing for the first time.  The water was definitely cold but it was worth it and so much fun.
This was the first time we hung out with our now really good friends Sammie and Justin and their little girls Oakley and Capri. We met them at church and they live in our complex. We went up AF Canyon and cooked tin foil dinners.  We love hanging out with them!

We hiked with my parents up to Timpanogos Cave. I forgot how steep that hike is, we had to hold on to our kids hands most of the way so they wouldn't fall off  the cliffs and edges and Grayson hated it.  He cried most of the way up because he wanted to be held and didn't want to hold hands. 

We had a lot of fun with Spencer's selfie stick during the hike :)
I ended up having to haul this guys up half the mountain.

Pool day with Lincoln cut short when thunder and pouring rain came.
Impromptu swim party when we were at our friends Jamie and Matt's for dinner. 
We hiked up to Cecret Lake with some friends and the flowers were gorgeous. 
All of us at the lake, Matt and Jamie's family and Lyndsey and Jeff's family and our family. Minus poor Jeff who was having foot pain and didn't make it all the way up to the top.

Cousins at baby Jackson's blessing. The kids had so much fun jumping on the tramp.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lake Powell 2015

We had our annual Lake Powell trip June 29-July 3. Sadly Spencer wasn't able to make this trip because he was still in the middle of his PTA program at Provo College. The paddle boards were a big hit and the boys had so much fun.  They are both old enough now that they love the water and jumping in and I could actually get them to try a few things. The weather was great the whole week, only a couple storms in the distance that never really hit us directly, we just got the wind from them. We woke up in the middle of the night one night to a thud and the wind had pulled one side of anchors out from the houseboat and we were turned parallel up to the shore.  That made for an interesting middle of the night. The bad news is I was skiing and my lower back really started hurting and I wasn't even able to walk into the boat after, I had to crawl up and lay on the floor in a ball it hurt so bad.  It made the rest of the trip interesting, especially trying to lean over and pick things up hurt really bad.  But it is all worth it to be in Lake Powell having fun!

The boys had so much fun playing with my cousin Lincoln.  

They spent hours on the paddleboard and squirting people with the water gun.
Since Spencer wasn't there, I had to build the fire all by myself and somehow I managed to get it going.

It took Kaiden some bribing to go on the tube but then he realized how much fun it was and was smiling and laughing the whole time. 
We did a lot of cliff jumping and trying to take pictures of us all in the air at the same time. I am the 4th one in from the left. We were able to convince Kaiden and Grayson to try it from a little lower height and they both loved it and were little daredevils, to the point that they made me nervous. But sadly I didn't end up with any pictures of them jumping but they did do it!

This also took a lot of bribing but Kaiden went skiing behind the boat! I was so proud of him. He was happy on the houseboat when I tried the skis on him but then I put him in the water and he started getting nervous. I was in the water with him to help him keep the skis steady and to get going and he just popped right up out of the water and went for a good 5 minutes.  He would have kept going but they stopped in front of the houseboat so that he would drop and it made him tumble over the front of the skis which he wasn't too happy about. 

I think I only got Grayson to do this once with me. 
The group this year.

This was before we put Kaiden in the water to ski.
At this point, Kaiden was nervous and not sure about it.
And then this was a few seconds later after he got up and I was so excited, haha.

Nap time! Boat rides are so relaxing.