Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015

October was filled with lots of Halloween activities and the weather stayed warm.

Kaiden had a preschool field trip at Hee Haw Farms and Grayson was lucky enough to tag along. He wasn't too excited to smile for this picture but they both had fun. 

We rode the train up to Wheeler Farms and spent the afternoon there with grandma Johnson and Chesley, Abby and Emery and the boys, and Sydney. 

These pictures crack me up because of the angle of the water hose on the left picture (wasn't trying to do that) and the creepy spider looking thing in the right picture that Kaiden was too scared to take a picture with but Grayson wasn't.

On the train ride to Wheeler Farms, probably their favorite part of the day.
Pumpkin time again! We opted for easy stick in faces again this year and they turned out cute. We had over 20 pumpkins come from our garden this year and of course the boys picked the green ones.  They love the color green.

Preschool Halloween Program and Carnival.  They sang a bunch of songs and then they had a whole carnival all set up for the kids. They really went all out and the boys had so much fun.  

BYU basketball games started again and we couldn't be more excited to start going to them again, and the fact that the seats are now soft and padded.
Our soccer star Kaiden in action.

Halloween day! Kaiden dressed up as Iron Man and Grayson dressed up as Captain America. With their cousins Lonnie (Buzz Lightyear) and Lincoln (Woody)
Flexing super heroes.
We were shocked that grandma and grandpa Nielsen dressed up so we had to document it. 
We always have to get our picture with friends Easton and Stratton in their costumes on Halloween.