Monday, November 30, 2015

November 2015

November 2015 - Not much happened this month because we announced on Thanksgiving that I am pregnant with baby #3! Baby is due June 28th. At the beginning of the month, sickness hit and was bad.  The entire month I hardly did anything other than lay on the couch and throw up. I got on some anti nausea medicine again but the sickness has been the hardest of any pregnancy so far.  And I was so tired all the time, like taking 3 naps a day, so tired. I had to force myself to eat because that would help me to not throw up but nothing ever sounded good to eat.  We rarely got out of the house or took any pictures but we managed a few things during the month.
We took the boys to the building day at Home Depot and this time they were able to build jet airplanes! Of course they both painted their airplanes green.
We had lots of leaves to do at grandma Carter's house so we put the boys to work. 

We were able to go to Cassandra's wedding in the Salt Lake Temple.
We made gingerbread trains and houses with Lincoln.
Thanksgiving day - I was still feeling so sick so the picture isn't great but at Spencer's family we did a family picture but it was really recording instead and Spencer counted down for the picture and said Amber's pregnant right before the picture. And then at my family we just said Kaiden wanted to say something and he got all shy but I finally got him to say I'm going to be a big brother again.  I had been so sick that I didn't really want to do anything extreme to announce the pregnancy.  I was just ready for everyone to officially know even though most already caught on because of how sick and lazy I had been.
Decorating the tree for Christmas.

Cousin time at the new aquarium - we went on the free admission day so of course it was packed but we still had fun.