Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015

In December, we saw Santa a couple of times, played in the snow, hung out with family a lot, and celebrated Christmas! The boy were so excited this year for Christmas and Santa and everything that goes with it.  They are at a the age where the magic of Christmas is real and I love it.  They even try their best to be good for Charlie our elf. And then we spent New Years at the cabin in Wyoming in freezing cold temperatures.

Helping grandpa Nielsen with the leaves, this was right before he blasted them with the leaf blower.
Kaiden drew a picture for Santa at school of what he wanted for Christmas and every day he would tell me we needed to mail it.  So I finally found a place at Thanksgiving point that you can mail a letter to Santa and that he writes you back a letter even!
Kaiden at his preschool Christmas program. He was so cute singing the songs and they all wore their Christmas jammies.

This was the announcement we posted online to announce the pregnancy. Grayson kept saying the picture was of a river of water.
This was our third time seeing Santa for this year and it was at the Johnson family Christmas party.
Christmas jammies with the cousins.
Kaiden got his letter back from Santa!
My mom's birthday dinner at Kneaders.

We took the boys sledding at a park up by Battle Creek in PG.

Our traditional Christmas Eve Nativity Scene and Kaiden was a wise man.

The setup after Santa came, all ready for Christmas morning.

Christmas day family picture.
We went and saw Star Wars with our friends Sammie and Justin and it was way good.
New Years Eve at the cabin in Wyoming. Spencer's parents came up too and Spencer and his dad were working on the drywall of the new bathroom. The temperature never got above freezing the whole time and was even in the negatives a lot.  It was so cold outside it was hard to breathe out there and we couldn't stay out too long.  But there was a ton of snow which was fun for snowmobiling and sledding.  If we didn't completely cover our faces while snowmobiling it would just hurt way too much.