Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016

January is always really hard, it is cold outside and there isn't much to do without spending some money.  I finally was starting to feel better with the pregnancy towards the middle of the month so we had to get out a few times with some friends so we wouldn't go insane.

The boys went to their friend Ayden's minion birthday party and they had a blast. They loved all the balloons and the pinatas. 

Kangaroo Zoo with their friends Bronx and Tinley.

Bowling with more friends, Capri and Oakley.

We went on a quick trip to Wyoming and there was a lot of snow. The temperatures were much warmer this time so it was more fun to play outside on the sledding hill without freezing your lungs hiking up it. 

Kaiden had an eye test at school and they sent home a letter that he didn't pass. So we took him to the eye doctor and sure enough, he needed glasses. He is far sighted and has a astigmatism in his right eye.  We made sure to get a good warranty on his glasses.  
We went with a group of friends from the ward to a jumping, gymnastics sort of place and had a blast. We had to take a group selfie with the selfie stick haha.