Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016

In February, Grayson was finally old enough to do Itty Bitty Ball and he was so excited that it was finally his turn after watching Kaiden for the last two years. It was once a week for an hour and they would cover a different sport each time. Also, my Grandpa Carter passed away after being unable to walk and get out of bed for years. It was sad but it is also good that he will finally be free from all of his physical pains and struggles, the boys are going to miss seeing him and giving him high 5's when we go over.  We went on another quick trip to Wyoming, Kaiden had his first stitches incident, and we visited the Provo City Center Temple open house.

Grayson with his buddy Bronx at itty bitty ball.

Grayson would always stick his tongue out while he was concentrating, it was really cute. 
Baseball was definitely one of his favorite sports. 

Grayson literally slept through almost an entire BYU basketball game on the hard floor. 
After the BYU game, we were walking out to the car and the sidewalks were all icy and slippery and Kaiden was "ice-skating" in his own words with his hands in his sweater pockets and slipped and fell face first onto the sidewalk with his new glasses.  Broke and scratched up his glasses (good thing we got the warranty) and cut his eye.  It was instantly dripping blood everywhere.  We took him to the insta care and he ended up with 3 stitches. He doesn't like people touching him so he was freaking out a little while getting his stitches and we had to hold him down. The funny thing is Grayson did way better getting his stitches last year and he was younger, haha. But he survived and we got him new glasses and from now on, no more walking with hands in the pockets. And it can be time for the snow and ice to melt now!

Grandpa Carter's funeral. It was cold but the boys did a really good job. They don't quite understand what is going on.

Spencer's grandpa Faux was part of the military honors. He is the one holding the blue flag. 
Saying goodbye to great grandpa Carter.

The really exciting news this month was finding out that we are having a baby girl! We are so excited and were hoping for a girl, I just knew it was a girl and had had dreams that it was a girl. The ultrasound scan went great and she is healthy. 
Our gender reveal was simple but cute. We got these gift bags for the boys to open in front of all our families with a balloon inside. The boys were just excited to open a present and get a balloon, haha. The poll before we revealed the balloons was 10 for a boy and 4 for a girl. 

Target run and Grayson stayed asleep like this in the cart the entire time, I was shocked but it sure made the shopping trip easier. 
After a lot of gray skies and inversion days, we were so excited for the sun to finally come out and the skies to turn blue. 

Kaiden turned into a sledding animal this trip to Wyoming.  He was loving sledding and racing down the hill. 

Provo City Center Temple open house.
BYU Basketball game with our friends Sammie and Justin. 
The last home BYU basketball game of the year. This was the best picture we got because we were all bummed after the game because we lost to Gonzaga and the reffing was horrible. 
My cousin Nate made it to the finals of the free throw shooting competition for a car and he lost :(  Spencer was the one putting the balls back on the cart for him. Overall the last home game was disappointing. 
We took a drive up to our favorite spot at Tibble Fork and there is still a lot of snow up there even though the weather finally warmed up and all the snow in the valleys melted. 

Snapchat fun I couldn't resist posting. These make me laugh so hard. 
We stopped to visit my great grandma Nielsen and took a 5 generations picture with her. She is the boys great great grandma and she is also turning 100 years old this year! She is the coolest lady!