Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016

March was a good month because it warmed up for most of the month and we were able to start doing some stuff outside again!! Grayson finished up his Itty Bitty Ball and both boys did swim lessons. We also celebrated Easter at the end of the month. And we are one month closer to having a baby so that's good too! I have been feeling pretty good this month, just growing and baby girl is getting bigger.

Kaiden loved helping out at itty bitty ball, even though sometimes it was a little too much help.

Took Grayson out on his new bike for the first time so he could learn how to do the pedaling and the brakes. He loved it!

We went to cousin Lonnie's birthday party and Grayson fell asleep with his party hat on on the way home.
BYU made it into the NIT tourney this year (sad it was the NCAA tourney) but the good news was that they got 3 more home games because of it that we weren't expecting! Those 3 NIT games that we won at home were some of the best games all season long, the crowds were so loud and intense and into the game. They were really fun. The boys loved giving the players high 5's after the games. 
The boys favorite player is Kyle Collinsworth and I loved this picture even though it isn't good quality because Kaiden was so excited to give Kyle a high 5. I love his fist pump in the air.

Grayson floating on his back at swim lessons. He is a brave little boy and did a really good job at learning the new skills, just struggled with listening to the teacher a little bit but got better as it went on. 
Kaiden grew so much this year with his swim lessons and is getting braver at trying new things.

Easter egg hunt #1 at grandma Johnson's house.

Easter day family picture.
Easter egg hunt at great grandma Carter's was another success!