Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016

April brought a lot of great weather and the boys couldn't be happier to spend so much time outside. We spent a lot of time at parks, playing sports, and riding bikes. And we are one month closer to baby girl coming so that's exciting too!

We spent conference weekend between sessions at one of our favorite parks in PG. 
Kaiden and Spencer played a pick up game with some neighborhood kids and loved it.

We took Grayson's training wheels off his bike and he got it so fast.  His only problem was that he was terrified of falling for some reason and so when Spencer didn't have a hand right on his back, Grayson would start freaking out saying "No no no I don't want to fall" all while he was completely  riding his bike on his own.  It was hilarious and I have tons of good videos of it. But by the end of the next day, he had conquered his fear and his bike and he was off like a crazy man. 

I have been walking on the trail at least a couple mornings each week and while I walk, the boys ride. 

We had a fun night out with some of our good friends Chris and Kelsey and Justin and Sammie.
Spencer gave Luke and Sydney's baby Swayzie a baby blessing.
The  boys were models to help Kyle with a Mazda photo shoot and we ended up driving all over Salt Lake and to Ogden for some pictures with the cars. One of the stops was at the capitol building. 

Kaiden started up soccer again and couldn't be happier! He absolutely loves soccer and smiles the entire time.  He has the same team and coach and he has already improved so much this season. 

Girls night before Audrey moved away from us. We all have so much fun on our Bachelor nights. 

Kaiden had a preschool field trip at the PG Fire Station.  It's interesting to see him with his classmates, he is shy and stays more in the back but he loves school so much and hasn't even missed a single day all year long.