Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016

May was a fun month. Spring was in full swing and we had a lot to celebrate. A lot of birthdays, graduations, and soccer games and a trip to Wyoming.

Kaiden and Grayson both had a part in primary on the same day so they got to sit next to each other at the front.
We found a new little canyon in PG called Grove Creek.

We had our first backyard pool day with our friend Kenton. We also got our first sunburns, oops.
We had a pretty intense hail storm come through. I was glad I hadn't quite planted my flowers yet.

Mother's Day
My friends threw me a baby shower for baby girl and it was so cute.
Almost the whole group that came. I have so many great friends :)
Kelsey and Audrey - the ones who did all the work to put together this amazing shower!
Spencer graduated from Provo College with his PTA degree. His brother Luke and sister Chesley also graduated from Provo College on the same day so they were all able to walk across the stage together. 

We had to do some major reorganizing of our house and put the boys in a room together so the baby can have the other room. Spencer made these twin beds for the boys.
We planted our garden! Hopefully we can keep up with it this year with the new baby.
Spencer decided to shave his head because he has been thinning and balding and his new bald head has a lot of tanning to do.
Kaiden had his last day of preschool.  He has loved going to preschool this year and has grown so much!
Kaiden got an award for having no absences the entire school year! Pretty amazing considering for 3 months all I wanted to do was lay around die while I was sick but I still managed to get him to school every day. 
All I really wanted was some Kneaders breakfast for my big 30 birthday. I feel so old.
We got together with a bunch of my friends on the night of my birthday for dinner at Los Hermanos.
Our birthday cake, 30 for me and 31 for Spencer.
Kaiden on the front row at his preschool graduation.  He was one of a few kids picked to have a speaking part and he did so good.  I was so nervous for him that he was going to chicken out when he saw all the people in the audience but he did so good.

Kaiden had the best teachers- Miss Sariah and Miss Aislynn.
Kaiden's graduation was on Spencer's birthday so they had to get a picture together on their big days. 
The pool opened up and the boys are loving it.

Grayson was able to practice with Kaiden's team a few times and he loved it. He was able to hang with them and could totally have played on the team.

Kaiden loved his coach Don. He did such a good job with the boys and Kaiden can't wait to play for him again next year. 
We spent Memorial Day weekend at the cabin in Wyoming and Spencer had fun being a mountain man and chopping wood.

We took a drive up by Mirror Lake and there was still a ton of snow at the top.

We had a fun Memorial Day baseball game.