Thursday, June 30, 2016

Harper Johnson June 2016 Part 2

On June 21, 2016 our little Harper Johnson was born :) I'm not going to go into major detail on her birth story here since I have it written in my journal and her baby book. But here are the basics: I was scheduled to be in induced on June 21st which was 39 weeks. I couldn't be happier to not be pregnant anymore and to finally meet our baby. I was scheduled to be at the American Fork Hospital at 6:30am. We got there and got checked in and I got the crappy things out of the way - the IV, breaking my water, and the epidural. By now it was about 8:30am and the waiting started. We tried watching tv and taking naps. The nurses were awesome, they would come and check me often and rotate me around. I tried eating some of the italian ice because that is all they let you eat and that was a mistake- I ended up getting really shaky and threw that up and my cereal from that morning.  At around noon my nurses went to lunch and a different nurse kept checking on me.  I was starting to feel more pressure. I pushed my epidural button to make sure I had another dose before pushing time. A few minutes later I really felt like things were happening so I told Spencer to "push the button" for the nurse and he thought I meant the epidural button so he pushed my epidural button again. I was VERY numb haha. My nurses came back from lunch and came in at 1pm and checked me and I was ready. I felt ready to push. Within a few minutes the doctor and nurses and everyone was there and I pushed a couple times, got an episiotomy, and out she came at 1:09pm. Spencer was able to cut the cord.  They immediately put her on me for a few seconds and then they took her and she took an extra 20 seconds to start crying and she was really purple but they got her to respond and sucked out and then they put her on me again while I was getting stitched up. I was able to hold her for a while. They changed how they do things since my last baby and it's so much better.  They let me hold her and leave us alone for a while. They don't rush her off to get baths or take her away from me at all.  They do everything in the room with the moms now and I love that. After they weighed her and checked her all out they left and Spencer and I were alone with our new baby girl for a little while. We talked about her name and looked at her and decided she was Harper. I tried nursing her and she did so good. Then they let me order lunch and brought me food and I got to eat and hang out with our new baby before they transferred me down to another room. But because I accidentally had too much epidural I was extremely numb for the rest of the day. I couldn't move my legs for a few hours after her birth and not until late that night it finally wore off. Overall it couldn't have gone any better and we were so happy to finally meet our baby girl! The rest of our month was centered around our new baby girl and getting used to having a baby again.

I took this picture right after we got to the hospital before all of it started - so many different emotions at this point. And this pregnancy did  a number on my skin on my face - I look like I have spots.

The first picture taken of Harper - fresh from Heaven.

Harper's official weight - I guess they round up?? but she was 6 lbs 9 oz and 19 in. I thought for sure she was going to be between Kaiden and Grayson in weight so around the low 7's but she surprised me and was the exact same weight as Grayson was. 

She had major duck feet when she was born but somehow I think they have shrunk since haha.

First time doing skin to skin.

The official stats on the board.

Spencer's first time holding his baby girl.

So in love!!!

The boys meeting Harper for the first time.

Our first family picture as a family of 5 - we all look a little homeless haha.

I love baby yawns.

Heading home from the hospital.

This is probably the only picture of Harper with a pacifier because we could never get her to take one again. 

I love sleepy newborns.

Harper met her future husband Ryker (Sammie and Justin's baby boy) and they weren't feeling it, but I thought it was funny how they both had their hands up.

So tiny in her cradle.

I can't get enough of the sleeping pictures. And she has always loved sleeping on her side. 

Our poor baby girl was borderline jaundice when we left the hospital so we had to go get blood tests to check her bilirubin levels. The levels got so high that we ended up having to put her on the lights.  This became her bed for the next week. We were hoping only a day or two but it ended up being a week. She had to lay in it for 23 of 24 hours a day.  We only could take her out for her daily blood pricks on her heels. It was so hard for me because I just wanted to cuddle and hold her while she was a newborn and I couldn't. And I couldn't play dress up either because she had to have nothing on but a diaper so the lights could get on her skin. Luckily she was a newborn and they do sleep a lot so she did pretty good but it made for a long week. I had her next to my bed and basically lived in my room for the next week. 

Grayson was being such a good big brother - he would watch her and bring her little stuffed animals and things to lay with. Kaiden also was so sweet, when we would be getting her blood tests he would always say how much he didn't like it and that they were hurting her.  He didn't like seeing Harper cry and in pain. 

We had one day during the week of lights that we were able to go off of them because they said her levels were good but on the next day follow up test the levels had gone back up so it was back on the lights. But during that day break, we caught this cute little sleepy smile. 

Baby's first bath.

I can't even handle this squishy face.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

June 2016 Part 1

June was one of the best/craziest months of my life. There is so much to cover so I had to break it up. Part 1 is the last of our lives before baby girl joined our family.  It was basically all the summer we got and I was huge and pregnant. But we tried to fit everything in that I had the energy to do. We went to Strawberry Days just a couple of days before the baby was born.  It is one of our very favorite summer activity and the boys absolutely love it.  We went on the day that tickets were cheaper and got the boys a bunch and let them pick what they wanted to do. Of course it was ride after ride and they loved it.

Blurry picture but I love that Kaiden had his hands up and his smile.
Waiting in line is boring haha

It's not Strawberry Days without Strawberry and Cream

My boys on the Carousel

I think this was our last family of 4 photo

Kaiden played on a coach pitch team this year. He was supposed to do t-ball again but he was way too advanced for it so we just signed him up for coach pitch instead and no one said anything. Spencer wanted to coach but I didn't want him to since it was the same month we were having a baby. We kinda wish he had coached though. Kaiden did a really great job and loved it.   

Kaiden's friend Easton was on his team and they were so excited to play together (Easton is to Kaiden's right)

A rare picture of everyone smiling and looking and it was cute.

We didn't get as many pools day this year but when we did, our little fishies had so much fun.

Great Grandma Carter put the boys to work while we were mowing her lawn.

We discovered this fun little place called Manila Creek and the boys loved it. 

Spencer brought the paddleboard and they had a lot of fun on it.

We had our 10th Anniversary so we went to dinner and got some ice cream and took it up the canyon to watch the sunset. 

I taught the boys how to fill the sandbox with water (something we did a lot as kids) and it may have been a mistake because every time they went out in Grandmas backyard they would grab the hose and turn it on. But they had fun on grandmas slip n slide.

A couple weeks before we had the baby, Spencer had a job interview in Twin Falls, ID. We had never been here before so we all went up to explore.

The famous Perrine bridge you have to cross over to get into the city.

We were able to visit the Blue Lakes Country Club and it is a gorgeous little lake at the bottom of the canyon. 

We went to the Shoshone Falls and this was a perfect time of year to go.  It was huge!

Another trip to Manila Creek with cousins this time. We had a hard time getting a good picture with everyone looking and smiling :)

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We went to the movie Finding Dory with our friends Sammie and Justin and their little girls Oakley and Capri.

Snow cone stop on a gorgeous summer night.