Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lake Powell July 2016

Since the other Lake Powell trip was the week we had Harper (sadly we had to miss it) we decided to go on the trip in July with my Carter cousins and Roper cousins. Harper was only 3 weeks old but it was the only chance we would get to go to Powell this year so we had to go.  Even though I couldn't get in the water yet (some stupid thing about risk of infection) it was worth it because the boys had so much fun.

This took a lot of bribing again but we got Kaiden up on the skis again and he was able to go with grandpa at the same time. I love the major air he has in this picture. 

Their faces in this picture is the best. 

Grayson on the sea doo with Spencer. 


One of the boys favorite spot is on the beach digging with their tractors. 

Harper and I spent all of our time hanging out in the shade watching everyone else have fun or cooling off inside the houseboat.  

Harper's face haha. 

Kaiden getting ready to ski! He was definitely nervous and freaking out at this point. 



The boys other favorite thing is the paddle boards.  They love playing on them.  Also, they loved playing with all my cousins.  Especially their favorite buddy Emily. 

We put Harper in her swimsuit a few times and took her out in the shade on the beach. We couldn't let that cute suit not get used.  

And we had to stick her little feet in the lake and gave her her first feel of the amazing Lake Powell water.  

Not the best picture but it's the only family picture we got of the 5 of us. 

Going down the slide! It is actually really scary because it's a 6 foot drop off the edge of the slide to the water. 

I loved this shot I got of Kaiden going off the slide before he hits the water.

Our little beach babe.

July 2016

In July we celebrated the 4th of July and we decided to move to Twin Fall, Idaho for Spencer to accept a job. He was having no luck finding jobs in Utah and the starting pay was way more in Idaho too.  I bawled for about 3 days about it (post pregnancy hormones didn't help) and then we spent the rest of the month trying to fit every friend and activity in that we could.

The 4th of July with our 3 kids (still weird at this point that we have 3 now) 

We had fun hanging out with the Johnson cousins at a park in Provo to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks. 


Waiting for the fireworks to start - funny story, we spent about a half hour searching in the dark for one of Grayson's flip flops after it was over while he was bawling because we couldn't find it and then we ended up finding it in the stroller.

Actual 4th of July day we took the boys up to Bridal Veil Falls and had a picnic. 

We let the boys play in the water and they had so much fun. I had to document that Harper was there too.

4th of July baby in her tiny little newborn outfit. 



Took Harper to her first movie with our friends Chris and Kelsey and she slept through the whole thing. 

We took Harper to our pool for the first time and stuck her little toes in the water - she didn't care haha. 

Grayson wanted nothing to do with Harper once we brought her home from the hospital so when he asks to hold her we let him and take lots of pictures. 

Idaho sunset - we left the boys with Abby and their cousins and took a trip to Idaho to look for a house. Luckily after looking at a bunch of houses and not feeling it, we finally found one towards the end of our search and loved it. Let the fun process of buying a house begin.....

Little newborns in swimming suits are so cute. 

Harper twinning with her cousin Swayzie.  She wasn't loving the water too much. 

The boys had fun swimming and doing a pinata at Lincoln's birthday party. 



The boys love hanging with their friends Oakley and Capri. We went up AF Canyon with them and Justin was teaching them how to fish. When he caught one the boys refused to actually touch the fish haha. 


After being on the lights for so long, Harper's sleep schedule was a little messed up. She seemed a little backwards for a few weeks were she wanted to sleep all day and party all night. And she hated sleeping in her cradle after the lights too. We ended up borrowing a rock n play from our friends and it was so much better.  Before that she would only sleep good if she was in bed with us and I hated having her in bed with us because I didn't sleep! 

Pool time in Grandmas backyard. 

We went and saw The Secret Life of Pets with the Johnson clan and loved it. 

Pool time and Harper slept through the whole thing. 


Pool time with friends Easton and Stratton.

We had a fun BBQ with our friends Jamie, Matt, Lyndsey and Jeff. Always a good time when we all get together.  4 boys and 4 girls between us all. 

1 Month Old - that went so fast. 


We hiked up to Battlecreek Falls and Jamie and Matt came along with their kids Cayman and Cierra. They all had a blast throwing rocks and getting dirty. 

We made it! Harper slept the whole time again. 


Hanging with our friends Sammie and Justin and their kids. Between all of theirs and ours, we are hoping we can get one marriage :)