Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016

On August 1, 2016 we packed up our condo in Pleasant Grove and moved to Twin Falls, Idaho. It was a very long day. Spencer basically ended up loading the truck mostly himself.  I would help when I could but it was hard with a needy newborn that wanted to be held. Since it was a Monday all our friends and family couldn't come and help until that night. We were hoping to get to our house in Idaho in the early evening but we didn't finish loading up the truck and pulling out until 8pm. My parents had the boys and drove up with the motorhome, Spencer drove the huge moving truck with the van being towed behind it, Spencer's parents were in their car, and I drove my car with Harper. It was a slow drive and we got here at 1am. The garage code we were given wasn't working so we were starting to stress out but luckily the side door into the garage had been unlocked. We luckily had our mats towards the back of the trailer and we pulled them out and slept on the floor. We didn't have our clothes or toothbrushes or anything. They were all packed deep in the moving truck and we weren't expecting to get here so late. So the next morning we unloaded and started the unpacking process. Things were messy and hectic for the next month or so as I slowly worked my way through boxes. We got rid of so much stuff we had collected after living in our condo for 4 years. It was so bittersweet moving. We are definitely so happy to finally have a house and a job for Spencer but missing our family and friends and mountains so much. Our boys loved having the yard to play in but it took some time for them to get used to living in a house and being able to go out on their own. They quickly broke in the new yard after 2 days when Kaiden put a little golf club sized hole in our vinyl fence, ugh.

Harper likes having a house.

After mowing other peoples lawns for years Spencer was giddy to mow his own. And we also love living in a cul de sac.

Since we clearly did not have time to clean our condo on the day we moved, we decided to drive back to Utah the next weekend and spend Saturday cleaning it and then have Harper's baby blessing in our old ward on Sunday.  We spent ALL day cleaning and doing touch up paint. My grandma Carter and cousin Miranda and sister Sharissa all came and helped which was huge. Harper got to hang out with us all day too. The boys spent the day at the pool with grandma Johnson which was also such a big help that we didn't have to take care of them too. It was sad to be leaving our friends from the Gateway neighborhood and our ward but we definitely weren't sad to be leaving the condo life for good!
Some of our best friends Sammie and Justin that lived in our ward in Pleasant Grove did their baby blessing on the same day as us. It was so cute that we had both Johnson babies blessed on the same day in the same ward. The only bummer was that we couldn't go to each other's after party brunches because we had our own, haha.

We had a brunch in my parents backyard after the blessing. 

I love the baby blessing dress I found for Harper!

Ryker and Harper

4 Generations on the Faux side

4 Generations on the Carter side

4 Generations on the Nielsen side

This isn't even everyone but we were so blessed to have so many family and friends come to Harper's baby blessing.

I found a soccer camp to sign Kaiden up for and one of his favorite parts was climbing the tree, oh and the actual soccer haha.

Kaiden started Kindergarten! His school is brand new and is just down the street from our house. It is literally only a 5 minute walk so we walk to school everyday while it's warm.  I walk and the boys ride their bikes. The only problem is there is no sidewalk so that makes it a little frustrating. 

Kaiden is loving going to school every day.

Grayson turned 4 years old! We took him to this cute little creamery for some ice cream.  He also requested McDonald's for his birthday dinner.  

I love that Harper would fall asleep on her play mat every morning.

On August 26th, we finally officially closed on our house and became homeowners.  It was such an amazing feeling and major stress off our shoulders. We were just renting it from the previous owners until we closed so we were glad that it finally was officially ours. 

We took another weekend trip to Utah at the end of August and decided to celebrate Kaiden and Grayson's birthdays with family while we were there. We also celebrated a bunch of cousins birthdays too.