Friday, September 30, 2016

September 2016

September was a month of settling in our new home, city, school and jobs. It definitely is different for us to not be in Utah and we miss it. But we had lots of visitors to our new house and we love when people come to see us.

The boys finally got to go hit some golf balls with grandpa Johnson when he came to visit us.  

Harper is such a happy baby and she started sleeping all night on her own after we moved here.  

We took a drive up to Sun Valley while grandma and grandpa Johnson were here and it ended up being during the Wagon Wheel Days and we watched a cool parade. 

Playing around after the parade in the cute little town of Sun Valley. 

I can never get sick of all the sleeping baby pictures. 

Kaiden turned 6 years old and for his birthday he really wanted to go golfing so Spencer took him to hit another bucket of balls again. He did so good and he loved it. Maybe golf is his sport?? 

We were able to join a fun group of neighbors that would all walk home from school together and get some popsicles after too. 


Sunday dresses are so fun with a baby girl. 

More visitors! Grandma and grandpa Nielsen came to visit. 

Kaiden loves riding his bike to school! Usually Kaiden and Grayson ride and I push Harper in the stroller. It is a 5 minute walk to the school so we enjoy being able to get out and walk while it is warm. And Harper has a whole group of friends that come over to see her every time we walk when we get to the school.  

Abby and Kyle stopped and stayed the night at our house on their way to a trip in Oregon and it so happened that the day they came was Kaiden and Kyle's birthday. Kaiden requested McDonald's for his birthday dinner and Kyle was a good sport and came too. 

We came home to have cake and ice cream and presents. Kaiden was loving having his cousins over to play on his birthday. 

His birthday presents were paw patrol toys and airplane legos. 

She has so many cute outfits that they grow out of so fast so I had to take pictures of them all. 

At only 3 months old she already wants to be sitting up in her stroller. And look at that leg chunk she is starting to get! Love it! 

At the park at the bottom of the canyon. Our house is somewhere right up over that ledge. 

The bridge from the bottom. 

3 months old! She is the best baby and we can't even imagine how we had life without her before she was born. 



She sleeps just like her dad. 

The many faces of Harper. 


We found a team called the Rapids that we were able to get Kaiden on for fall soccer. He loved it and did so well, scored so many goals we lost track. 



I didn't want to pay for overpriced crappy pictures so I took some myself. 


Grayson was able to play for Elite Training Academy in a little kid league they did. It was so cute, they had one day a week of doing drills and learning and one day was games. He started out hesitant, we think because he is so used to having Kaiden out there with him but once he caught on and got brave he loved it.