Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016

In October we took a trip back to Utah for conference weekend but we brought back home an awful sickness. We had more visits from grandma's and grandpa's and cousins at our house and we had a Halloween Carnival in our cul-de-sac.

While we were in Utah for conference weekend, my mom had a photo shoot with all the grandkids.  It is definitely not easy taking pictures of 7 little kids all together but we got a few good shots. 

While in Utah, we were able to go to Spencer's brother Skylar's wedding to Taylor. We got a pretty good group family photo.

The kids with their great grandma and grandpa Faux.

While we were at the wedding, we missed my great grandma Opal Nielsen's 100th birthday party in Gunnison.  She is 100! I don't know anybody else that is 100 and I think it is so cool. She is my kids great great grandma.

We had to take some time to drive up the beautiful mountains that I miss so much and visit some of our friends Chris and Kelsey.

I miss having this as my backyard. AF Canyon is one of our very favorite spots. 

We came home from Utah with an awful throw up sickness. Harper and Spencer got it the worst. She threw up something like 13 times over 10 days. At least once a day. It wasn't a little spit up, it was throw up everything that could possibly fit in her little tummy.  It was so sad. And we did so much laundry. I had a day that I felt really sick and then that night Spencer woke up in the middle of the night throwing up.  He had to miss 2 days of work he was so sick. Luckily Kaiden and Grayson didn't get it and were fine. It made for a long 10 days. 

In the midst of all the sickness we got outside for a little sunshine. And Harper started sitting in her bumbo, she is growing too fast. 

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Just a little snapchat fun.

We went to a pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins and Harper refused to sit in her carrier facing me, she wanted to be facing out to see everything.

Pumpkin picking.

A rare moment of the boys being still and cute together.

Kaiden's Kindergarten school pictures!

We decorated our pumpkins again this year. Definitely not into the mess carving would make.

Harper 4 Months old.

Out for a walk and it was freezing but Harper's face is the best. 

Lost in a hay bale maze.

We went to the pumpkin patch again with grandma and grandpa Nielsen and had a lot of fun getting lost in the hay bale maze and petting the animals and riding on the tractor ride. They also had a fun bouncy thing the boys loved and lots of slides.

We are so photogenic.

We tried getting a good picture with grandma and grandpa but this was the best. 

We went to a volleyball game at the college (CSI) and had to bribe the boys to go take a picture with the Eagle afterwards. Grayson was very nervous.

Harper started grabbing her toes and it is the cutest thing.

Grandma and grandpa Johnson and Abby and the boys came to visit for our neighborhood Halloween carnival. Grandpa wasn't in our group picture so we took this one of him with Harper.

This is the closest I'm going to get of chubby cheeks with Harper. 

We are a scary group for sure.

This was on the actual Halloween Day before the boys went out trick or treating with dad.

And we needed to see the faces behind the masks. And they were striking a pose for us.

I hate orange but Harper makes it look cute.

Grayson finished up his soccer season and by the end he was really getting confident and more aggressive with his play.

Grayson got a cute little trophy on their last day.