Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 2016

November stayed really warm for a while and it was really nice. We were able to continue walking to school and getting some more play time outside. Harper keeps growing and changing so fast and I wish she would slow down! We also took a trip to Dallas, Texas to see family for Thanksgiving.

Harper rolls over and hangs out like this now.  

She also loves grabbing and eating her toes too. 

We went on a Sunday walk while it was still warm and it felt so good. 

The boys found some tractors to play on while on our walk. 

I can't resist posting so many sleeping baby pictures.  

Looks like Harper has outgrown the baby bouncer.... 

Kaiden lost his first 2 teeth! He said they were getting wiggly and surprisingly he let Spencer pull them out with dental floss. He didn't cry and he was so brave about it. We had to teach him what the tooth fairy was and he was pretty excited about it. 

Snapchat filters are just too much fun. 

Some of our last walk/ride to school days with this gorgeous weather. 

Harper just really wants to always be sitting up. When she is laying down she is always lifting her head up to try and see everything. 

At the end of the month we put up our Christmas tree. We bought a new tree this year since we have our first house and actually have space for a normal size tree. Harper put her very first ornament up. 

This picture took about 30 takes to get and this was still the best we did.  

We drove to Dallas, Texas for Thanksgiving in the motor home. Harper had her little area for her pack n play where she spent most of her time on the 2 day drive there. Spencer stayed at home to work and would meet us later in the week in Texas.  

We stopped for church somewhere in the middle of New Mexico along the way. 

Once we made it to Melissa and David's house, Harper found a new toy to play with and loved it. 

The weather was so nice in Texas. We spent a lot of time at this park by Melissa's house. Harper went down the slide for the first time and I think it was a little too windy for her. 

Harper's first time in the swing and she loved it. 

We went to this place thing called "Ice" and it was a joke! We waited for over 2 hours in line after line. This is after you buy your ticket for a specific time so you would think you would go right in but no...we waited for over 2 hours! With 5 little kids and it was not fun. This was at the beginning after our first line we got herded into a room where we had to wait. We were thinking after this we would get in but this was only the start of being herded from room to room and line to line. While in this room, this guy was trying to waste time and he put Kaiden on the spot and asked him to come up on the stage. I was shocked when Kaiden actually went up but he just kept asking him questions and sticking the microphone in his face. I got some good video of it but if only we knew at this point the hours of waiting ahead of us..... 

Inside the ice room (when you finally actually get in there) it is like 10 degrees or something like that. I had Harper in the baby carrier and we were all bundled up. My shoulders killed by this point but she actually did really good and slept most of the time. You can tell by my dad's face how happy he was by this point, haha. 

Harper does not sleep very good in the pack n play but during this trip she started rolling over and sleeping on her stomach. 

Exploring downtown Dallas. We got photobombed by David's brother Kenny in this picture. 

We went to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and they had a lot of fun activities and things for the kids to do. 

This was at the Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. It is a park that is above a freeway. It was really cute and the kids had fun playing on the playground. 

The boys loved the construction kids play area of the Perot Museum. We went there last but could have spent the whole time there instead.  

Also a fun part of the museum that they loved - driving the remote control cars around.  

Thanksgiving Day at my aunt Collette's house in Allen, Texas. Spencer flew in that morning and we were so happy he was finally with us! 

The whole group on Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving we started the long drive back home. Spencer flew all the way to Dallas for about 24 hours and then we started the drive back home. He even drove the massive motor home for a big chunk of the way home and he did so good!