Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 2016

December was filled with a lot of Christmas parties and Santa visits and trips to Utah. We got to go to a couple BYU basketball games and saw a lot of family and a bunch of snow storms and playing in the snow. It was a busy month but so much fun.

We were invited to a fun adult ugly sweater Christmas party in our neighborhood. We paid a babysitter for the first time ever (we still took Harper with us) and we had so much fun and laughed so hard.

I love having the Christmas tree up. It makes the house feel so warm and it's so pretty.

Harper having a little bit of car seat cover problems.

Silly boys trying on some funny Santa masks at the store.

It snowed!! We had been waiting for so long for it to finally snow here!  

We took a weekend trip to Utah a couple of weeks before Christmas for some Christmas parties. First we went to my parents ward Christmas party and we saw Santa! I was disappointed none of my kids cried or freaked out, haha. But we had Kneaders french toast and it was so good.

That night we went to the Johnson/Faux Christmas party. We had so much fun seeing cousins and family and playing games and eating good food.

Harper with her great grandma and grandpa Faux.

The kids in their new jammies seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus.

After the Christmas party we hurried over to the Marriott Center for our first BYU basketball game of the season. We really miss being able to go to all the games but Harper had fun at her first game. She just kept looking all around taking it all in.

We had some very tired kids by the end of the game after a long day of parties and running around. 

We stopped to see our friends Sammie and Justin and had to get a picture of the babies together. They are 2 months apart but they sure have grown a lot.

This gummy silly smile is the best.

Kaiden had a Kindergarten Christmas program at school and it was cute. Grandma Nielsen and Melissa and her kids came to watch.

We pulled out the jumper to let Harper try it out. She mostly liked swinging it but she had fun and looked cute.

Harper's first cold - it was not fun.

Harper loved rolling over to the tree and would play with it. If I couldn't find her she was usually underneath it.

Grayson in his snow suit underneath the cart - he is a goof ball.

More sleeping pictures - I can't help it.

Kaiden got these presents for Harper and Grayson using his own money and he insisted on making these tags himself for them. I thought it was really cute.

Santa came to our house. This was waiting for the boys when we got back into town. It was a trampoline for the summer!

Christmas Eve dinner with my little elf.

The group on Christmas Eve.

We had our traditional Christmas Eve program and skit and Harper was our baby Jesus. I wish she was still a little newborn, I miss it!

The 3 wise men.

Grayson loved the train that grandma Nielsen put around her tree.

Star Wars Christmas Eve Jammies this year. The boys were loving them!

Everyone got Star Wars themed Jammies! We struggle with taking pictures haha. Actually it's mostly just all the boys that struggled.

First Christmas morning for Harper girl.

We woke up to Christmas morning snow! I couldn't be more excited for a white Christmas. Christmas was also on a Sunday this year so we were able to get dressed up and get a family picture after we attended church.

The day after Christmas we had a late birthday party for grandma Nielsen and we went sledding.

Harper was unimpressed. I took her for a ride but she didn't care either way.

We were able to catch another BYU basketball game!

Grandpa Nielsen had back surgery and so he spent a lot of time in bed. The boys liked to check on him a lot. I found him reading the kids a story in his bed.

We finally started feeding Harper some rice cereal. She wasn't sure what to think about it at first but she seemed to like it.

We had family pictures taken. Don't mind my ugly pose - the photographer made me do it and I hate it.