Monday, January 2, 2017

Wyoming New Year's Eve 2016

We went to the cabin in Wyoming for our annual New Year's Eve trip. We actually went up a couple of days after Christmas then went back to Utah for a couple days then back to Wyoming but I'm going to combine it all into one post.  After the trip we drove straight from Wyoming back to Idaho. We had a lot of fun sledding and snowmobiling and our new favorite thing is being pulled behind the snowmobile on the tube. We shot off fireworks in freezing cold temperatures on New Year's Eve and just had a lot of fun hanging out.

Grayson loved riding with his Dad on the snowmobile. And he also loved wearing those goggles. 

We did some shotgun shooting off the back deck of the cabin. It was fun because then you could just run back inside when you got too cold. 

Whenever I bundled up Harper and took her outside she looked like a poor little marshmallow. 

This was right before I took her down the big sledding hill and we (mostly me) got plastered with powdery snow in the face. I have it on video too.  

Harper is such a good sport after we haul her around like this.  



About to head down the sledding hill. 


The boys loved being pulled behind the snowmobile. It is like tubing on the lake but cold. And the timing of the sunset when I took this picture was perfect.  





The boys loved having lots of fun cousin time.  

Riding backwards because the wind would blow freezing cold snow in your face sometimes. 


Harper started sitting up on her own during this trip.